Tuesday, 2 June 2015

More from Lefkada.

The common butterflies of Lefkada are always a treat to see although numbers of particular species seem to vary from year to year.Several seasons ago Black-veined Whites were very numerous, but during my last two visits to the Island I have seen just the odd one or two.
This year the Clouded Yellow is enjoying high numbers with quite a few helice form females on show together with many conventional coloured individuals.So too the Cleopatra,a very spectacular butterfly and always a common sight.It is seen in the villages and towns feeding from most garden blooms,and also in hill and mountain meadows and olive groves nectaring on the wild flowers.
Spotted Fritillary male.

Spotted Fritillary female.
Clouded Yellow helice female

Black-veined White.


Ilex Hairstreak.