Friday, 1 July 2016

Sunshine At Last.

Two target species today were the White Admiral and the Marbled White.The former had already been seen in Bouldnor Forest a few days ago although I was yet to find my first Marbled White of the year.At last the sun was out today following a period of wet and windy weather.However, the wind has not abated and perhaps it had an effect on the butterflies as both species were flighty.Despite seeing several White Admirals none took the opportunity to feed on the abundant bamble flowers in the forest.The two Marbled Whites I encountered were just as jittery and I was lucky to catch any at rest.
Happily the Silver-washed Fritillaries were more accommodating and I managed to get good views of these handsome woodland butterflies.This included my first female of this summer seen basking in a sunny glade