Friday, 7 June 2013

Butterflies On Bonchurch Down

Bonchurch Down owned by the National Trust rises steeply over the village of Bonchurch and gives spectacular southward views out into the English Channel.At this time of year several species of downland butterfly appear on this Down.Most notably is the Adonis Blue not, it must be said common in the UK.
Today on its third outing of the year the Isle of Wight Group of the Hants&IOW Branch of Butterfly Conservation enjoyed a walk over the Down to see its many springtime species.We soon came upon numerous male Adonis,more easily noticed than the females due to the males bright blue colour.Despite a stiff breeze they were out in good numbers and we all took advantage of many photo opportunities.Mating pairs and emerging butterflies were seen.
Other species to be savoured were Brown Argus,Common Blue,Small Heath,Small Copper,Wall Brown,and a couple of Large Skippers,as well Dingy Skippers.All in all a very successful trip on a sunny afternoon.