Monday 17 September 2018

More Late Summer Butterflies.

At this time in late summer, the Clouded Yellow can sometimes be seen dashing around our fields and open woods.Most originate from mainland Europe,however I am sure that here on the south coast we have our own 'home grown' individuals.
In Bouldnor Forest near Yarmouth there is an open area in the woodland.Here a group of almost dried out scrape ponds are surrounded by low scrub and gorse bushes.Yellow Fleabane is prolific and a favourite for nectaring butterflies and today under sunny skies  there were no shortage of species.As well as the Clouded Yellow, Common Blue,Small Copper,Wall Brown,Red Admiral,and a Painted Lady were on show.

Friday 14 September 2018

Late Summer Butterflies on the Landslip.

Today on the landslip beneath the coastal cliffs along the south west shore of the Isle of Wight there was a good selection of late summer butterflies.This unique area is well known for the Glanville Fritillary butterfly during May and June.A strong onshore wind blew today but in any sheltered spot,especially where yellow fleabane is flowering the butterflies congregated.Many seemed to be a excellent condition with Common Blue particularly striking.Surprisingly the Wall Brown proved to be the most numerous,as these coastal cliffs are a favourite for this species.Other butterflies on the wing were Peacock,Small Copper,Small Heath,and two flyby Clouded Yellow.