Thursday 28 April 2016

Small Blue Braves the Cold.

I was amazed to see a Small Blue today in the company of Grizzled Skippers,Green Hairstreaks,and a Small Copper, all now at Whiteways Quarry site.My surprise is of course due to the cold and breezy weather we have had for a while as the Small Blue is fond of warmer temperatures. It is also over two weeks earlier than the first sighting of this species last year.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Seeking the Sun's Warmth.

The weather continues to remain unseasonably cool with that cold north wind.This does not encourage butterflies into much activity so the sight of a roosting Small Copper this morning at Whiteways was a bonus.By the look of its condition it seems that this buterfly has been about for a few days and is probably the same one that was spotted here a week or so ago.Once the sun appeared through the clouds the butterfly proceeded to spread its wings to get what littie warmth there is around now.

Sunday 24 April 2016

Spring Slows Down.

We have endured several days of cold weather due to persistent north to east wind resulting in few sightings of butterflies..However find a sheltered spot and some warm sunshine and they can appear.This is true of the Green Hairstreaks at Whiteways  which would normally emerge before the Grizzled Skippers or very soon after the first skipper. So it was not until today that a Green Hairstreak was seen flitting around at the back of the car park,a full 11 days after the first skipper here.The weather is set to remain on the cold side for the time of year so new sightings will probably be meager.


Thursday 14 April 2016

Waiting for the New Arrivals.

A morning visit to Whiteways Quarry did not discover any new emergent butterflies today.The lone Grizzled Skipper should very soon be joined by other skippers,several Green Hairstreaks,,and  butterflies including the Small Blue.
A Small White was also seen enjoying the early warmth of the sun.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

First Spring Skipper.

Whiteways Quarry or Afton Down Chalkpit as it is commonly known  has been mentioned in many of my previous posts.Nestled at the foot of Afton Down on the main road south out of Freshwater Bay it is a prime spot for spring butterflies.Among the many species that emerge here is the Grizzled Skipper and today the first one appeared taking time to nectar on the several clumps of Spanish Bluebells,Hyacinthoides hispanica that are scattered along the rear of this viewpoint car park


Tuesday 5 April 2016

A Walk in the Wood.

it was a case of sunny intervals this morning when I visited my local copse.However when the sun did shine it was pleasantly warm and it enticed several butterflies into activity.My total count of butterflies after a couple of hours strolling along the rides were 3 Comma,3 male Brimstone,2 Peacock,and a Speckled Wood.The latter was my first sighting of this species of the new season and over a week earlier than last year.