Monday 18 May 2020

Back on the Landslip & Back to Nature.

The month of May is of course the time for the Glanville Fritillary here on the Isle of Wight.Now that restrictions have been relaxed, a short car ride to  Afton Down Chalkpit and a walk down to the National Trust clifftop at Compton Chine provided access to the landslip.Descending the  impressive wooden steps onto the landslip I was treated to a view along the coast towards Compton Bay.
Today the Glanville Fritillary was in evidence on the clifftop and below, although due to the brisk onshore wind they were very active and jittery.Nevertheless,find a sheltered spot  and many butterflies could be approached as they rested in the sunshine or nectared on the flowering thrift. Among the other species on show were Common Blue,Dingy Skipper,Small Heath,Small Blue and Brown Argus.

Thursday 14 May 2020

Out and About At Last.

Following seven weeks of lockdown it was great to get out and enjoy nature.Today's first visit of the year to Bouldnor Forest at Yarmouth was rewarded with a Glanville Fritillary nectaring on bird's-foot trefoil. Other species encountered along the forest rides were Wall Brown,Green Hairstreak,Grizzled Skipper,Small Heath,and Speckled Wood.All were recorded as my first of the season.