Friday 23 April 2021

A Promise of Spring on our Coastal Cliffs.

 A walk along a very breezy clifftop today allowed me to access a section of the landslip close to Compton Bay. The coastline all along the south west of the Isle of Wight suffers from coastal slump as the cliffs periodically slide towards the sea. In fact evidence of recent slippages are for all to see along the path taken today.

It seems that only Small Copper butterflies were on show in this area of landslip this afternoon as I recorded at least six individuals. They were particularly fond of the odd clump of thrift, as just a few early flowers were to be seen dotted around. All too soon the cliffs will be covered in their bright pink blooms which are a favourite of the Glanville Fritillary which is due to make an imminent appearance.


Sunday 18 April 2021

Another Spring Species.

Now that we are enjoying a period of settled sunny weather following the cold of early April, spring is now catching up with the new emerging butterfly species. Green Hairstreak numbers have today increased to three at the site I have visited during  the last few days and now at least two Grizzled Skippers are present.


Thursday 15 April 2021

Back for Another Look.

There was no increase in butterfly numbers when I returned to the site visited yesterday. Just one Green Hairstreak and a Small Copper. Green Hairstreak should  become more numerous during the next week and we can look forward to other spring species appearing at this location.

Wednesday 14 April 2021

A First Sight of the Spring Emergents.

The warm weather of early April gave way to a very cold north to north-east wind  resulting in low temperatures for the last week  or so and consequently hardly any butterfly activity. However with  some sunshine and lighter winds today I was pleased to see two spring emergent species in the West Wight. A first Green Hairstreak of the season and likewise a Small Copper. Both enjoying the warm sunshine in the sheltered spot they had chosen.

Thursday 1 April 2021

A Walk in the Woods.

Although not as warm as the last few days, it was nevertheless a lovely early spring day and the butterflies responded to the sunshine at Bouldnor. I was disappointed not to see any new emergent butterflies but the hibernators were on show with numerous sightings of Peacock, five Comma, three Red Admiral, and  two male Brimstone. One of the latter spent some time flitting from flower to flower enjoying the many primrose plants along the track.