Monday 13 July 2020

Summer Butterflies Around the Buddleia.

Further to my recent post on our garden buddleia bush,it is still attracting the butterflies and today another Dark Green Fritillary flew in.Like other species it nectared on the blooms before resting close by, along with several Red Admirals and the ever dependable Peacock and Comma.
Of course there are always dangers and this Large White chose the wrong time to land on this bloom.A crab spider was ready and waiting for it's next meal.

Saturday 11 July 2020

First Chalk-hill Blue on West High Down.

At this time in July we can expect the first Chalk-hill Blue on West High Down.High Down is owned by the National Trust, extending eastwards from the Needles  to Freshwater Bay and includes Tennyson Down.The emergence of the Chalk-hill seems to be later here than on other Isle of Wight downland and I saw just one male today, whereas in different locations numbers are rapidly increasing.Along with this blue there were several Dark Green Fritillaries nectaring on giant thistles.They too are a common downland butterfly here and have no doubt been on the wing for some time.

Tennyson Down left,Afton Down & Compton Bay distant

Friday 10 July 2020

The Butterfly Bush Attracts the Visitors.

Although not my favourite garden shrub,Buddleia is a must for attracting butterflies and other insects.The plant in our garden has now been in full bloom for a week and the fragrant and nectar rich flowers have so far tempted a variety of butterfly species.Today it played host to a rather belated first sight of the year in the form of a Small Tortoiseshell. It would regularly rest from feeding to sun itself on the garden fence and then return for more.
Other butterflies seen on the buddleia flowers this week have included Peacock,Red Admiral,Comma,Large and Small White,Large Skipper,Meadow Brown,Marbled White,and a Dark Green Fritillary.The latter was the first ever sighting in the garden.