Tuesday 27 June 2023

Early Return for the Long-tailed Blue.

I have never seen the Long-tailed Blue in the UK earlier than late August,so it was a surprise to have this female in my garden this morning. She took some time investigating the Everlasting pea plants which have a prolific number of flower buds, and now and again would egg lay on the new buds.


Monday 26 June 2023

Summer Butterflies Put on an Impressive Show.

Today was a cooler day than of late and more in the way of cloud which limited the activity of our summer butterflies. A lunchtime visit to Bouldnor Forest  was rewarded with a selection of  butterflies and in particular White Admiral . When the sun came out several were observed nectaring on the bamble flowers and they were joined by the odd Silver-washed Fritillary. Among the new  summer species on show in the forest rides were Ringlet,Small Skipper,and Gatekeeper.

Friday 16 June 2023

White Admiral & Marbled White on the Wing.

Another very warm and sunny day and in Bouldnor Forest  at Yarmouth I  came across a first White Admiral of the year. Four sightings were made in all with one individual briefly seen nectaring on bramble flowers in the shade and later the other sightings in the sunshine. In addition  three Marbled White were recorded,all feeding on the bountiful  supply of  bramble flowers.

Wednesday 7 June 2023

Summer Butterflies Beginning to Appear.

The recent settled warm and sunny weather has spurred on the emergence of our summer butterflies. A very common but nevertheless welcome sight are the first Meadow Brown's.On the 4th June at Bouldnor there were a flurry of them with at least twenty plus recorded and today at the same location I came across at least two Large Skipper. Rather belatedly for me was also a first sight this season of the Dingy Skipper