Friday 21 July 2023

Garden Painted Ladies.

The first Painted Lady to appear in my garden was two weeks ago, which coincided with the first flowers on the Buddleia bush.It is always a favourite with the butterflies and  especially Painted Ladies. Today a total of three were enjoying the blooms along with several Red Admiral,and Peacock.

Saturday 1 July 2023

Long-tailed Blue Leaves it's Calling Card.

As a result of the visit by the Long-tailed Blue to our Everlasting pea plants on the 27th June,I today examined a small bunch of flower buds and was pleased to discover several eggs. One of them can be seen below and hopefully in  a week or so it will hatch. Detailed information into the life cycle of the Long-tailed Blue can be accessed on the following link from the excellent UK Butterflies website .