Monday 3 June 2013

More Lefkada Butterflies

On the outskirts of Nidri, on the island of Lefkada several streams and ditches flow from the mountains into the sea.As this island is part of the Ionian Islands rainfall is high in comparison with the Greek Islands of the Aegean that can be very dry especially during the summer.
So it seemed a good place to search for odonata and happily it did not disappoint.However butterflies too were around ,in the small fields(or wasteground as we would call it) feeding on the numerous wild flowers and grasses.
Whites and  the lovely bright yellow Cleopatra seemed to be particularly common here although the sight of a Balkan Marbled White was a treat.It has some differences compared to the ordinary Marbled White.

Fluttering about in the grasses are small blue butterflies and an attractive example is perhaps a Southern Blue.Polymmatus celina,a cryptic species of the Common Blue. However it is not in the known range of this particular species and  it can only be an unusual type of Common Blue. 

Turning to the brown butterflies,another id problem a lot of the time,on a sunny wall or rock the Wall Brown can be seen.An underestimated species as its colouring and patterning are rich.This one was no exception.

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