Monday 16 March 2020

Weather Perks Up & Butterflies Respond.

Today we enjoyed  the first true spring day of the year with plenty of warm sunshine, and the butterflies certainly responded. A first Brimstone, and two duelling Comma's appeared in my garden this morning.A lunchtime visit to Walter's Copse at Newtown produced four Peacock,seven Comma,and three flyby Brimstone.

Primrose rides at Walter's Copse

Friday 6 March 2020

Sunshine and Light Winds Encourage the Glanvilles

The 2020 season started with a Peacock butterfly seen in my garden on the 8th February,flying energetically while braving a strong wind.In fact here on the Isle of Wight we have endured persistant blustery winds for months although temperatures have on the whole been mild.
It was therefore a relief today when the winds abated and the sun shone.Not surprisingly the temperature was probably not into double digits but all this was enough for the Glanville Fritillary larvae, or caterpillars, to appear from their communal webs and move around  in the sunshine while staying close to or on their webs.Each individual is no more than one centimetre in length and now into their 5th instar.