Monday 29 March 2021

Lockdown Eases and Spring Arrives.

The sun was shining today and a morning walk on the landslip near to Compton was rewarded with warm sunshine and light winds. Here on our south-western coast the cliff tops are now displaying early spring flowering plants and in addition, the beautiful song of  the male Skylark that filled the air.. 

My hope of a first butterfly of the season  was  premature, but the larvae webs of the Glanville Fritillary did not disappoint as several were found. In a few weeks the adult butterfly will grace these cliff slopes and add to the glorious colour that is to be seen on this coast. The caterpillars seen today varied in size, depending on their location. Those where the webs were more sheltered tendered to be less developed than individuals in more open and sunny spots.

I was pleased to record my first butterfly of the year on my return home ,as the always dependable Peacock was seen in my garden.