Saturday 24 May 2014

Up from the South.

It seems the summer migration has begun now that southerly winds have persisted.Over the last few days reports of Painted Lady butterflies have come in particularly along our south coast.This afternoon I saw my second Painted Lady in my garden in as many days busily nectaring on our flowers.Today's visitor spent some time enjoying the pyracantha blooms and sunning itself on  the garden path.

Monday 12 May 2014

Cornered At Last

Over the last several weeks Holly Blues have been coming and going across my garden.Seemingly always in a hurry none has really settled long enough for me to obtain good views.So today I was very happy to see a female fluttering around from plant to plant,either for somewhere to lay her eggs or to feed.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Everything On The Go.

A quick look at Whiteways Quarry today and a good selection of butterflies.Now several Brown Argus together with Small Blue,Dingy & Grizzled  Skippers.In addition Green Hairstreaks in double numbers and a passing Wall Brown.All crammed in at the base of the chalk down at the back of a car park Wonderful.

Back on Bonchurch Down.

A return visit to Bonchurch Down today in the anticipation of seeing the first Adonis Blue on the year.I was not disappointed as after finding several Common Blue butterflies which are similar to the Adonis from a distance, I saw a male Adonis. If last years numbers are repeated it will not be long before the Down is awash with the spectacular blue of this butterfly.

The blue of the Common Blue although less intense is no less attractive.