Tuesday 26 April 2022

More First of the Season Sightings.

Today's early morning visit was rewarded with three first of the year sightings at Whiteways NT carpark near to Freshwater Bay. Vying with the now dozen or so Green Hairstreak was a Small Copper and sighted now again were two Dingy Skipper. The third first record  was a handsome looking Wall Brown which settled briefly before being shooed away by a bevy of smaller butterflies. In addition to these were at least three Small Blue,one individual showing a rather bent forewing.


Tuesday 19 April 2022

Small Blue on the Wing at Freshwater.

The sighting of a Small Blue today at Whiteways is the earliest record here since the outstanding sighting of two males on the 30th March 2012. As seen in the photograph below, today's individual is rather tatty which  seems to indicate that it has been around for a while. Also on show were three  Green Hairstreak and two Grizzled Skipper.

Wednesday 13 April 2022

First Green Hairstreak & Grizzled Skipper at Freshwater.

A well known site for first of the season sightings is Whiteways Quarry,now a National Trust carpark at the foot of Afton Down close to Freshwater Bay. As explained many times in this blog the grassy area at the back of the carpark has a interesting number of species especially in the spring.

 Today's visit produced a first Green Hairstreak of the year. It was seen on the flowering Spanish Bluebells,just like the individual in the photograph below. Unfortunately I only sighted it on two brief occasions and it failed to return again ,probably due to the cloudy conditions. Also present were possibly two Grizzled Skippers. Another first for this season 

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Spring Butterflies Thin on the Ground.

Following a short cold snap,today's sunshine and mild temperature encouraged me to pay a second visit of the year to Bouldnor Forest. Immediately on entering the forest I was passed by a very fast flying male Brimstone but just a few yards farther on I came across this Speckled Wood butterfly. This is a first sighting of the season of this species for me and it obligingly settled on the side of the track for a few seconds. The only other butterfly encountered was a Comma, and it was not until I was returning that a rather tatty Red Admiral appeared on the track.This was followed by a second Speckled Wood fluttering around and landing in a sunny spot.