Thursday 24 March 2022

More Spring Butterflies.

It is always a treat to see a Small Tortoiseshell at this time of the year and yesterday  this individual appeared in my garden to enjoy the morning spring sunshine.

A first of the season lunchtime visit to Bouldnor Forest,Yarmouth yielded numerous Brimstone sightings.All were males and they hurriedly flew from primrose to primrose in their search for nectar. Other species on show were the ever reliable Comma  and Peacock.

Saturday 19 March 2022

Plenty of Comma's On Show Today.

 My first butterfly sighting of the year  was a Red Admiral that I disturbed while it was enjoying the sunshine in my garden yesterday. A first outing of 2022 was taken today with an afternoon walk through Walters Copse at Newtown.

It was a fabulous early spring day with full sun and a temperature of around 16 celsius.Immediately on entering the copse I came across a Comma and during the visit at least eight other individuals were encountered. It was not until leaving that I saw one other species, a Peaccok.