Friday 25 March 2016

Garden Visitors.

Following a wet and windy night, today dawned with clear skies and it was not long before the sun shone in a blue sky.Not surprisingly then,that I recorded my first butterflies of the year in my garden around midday.A pristine Small White flew in but not finding any flowers it liked,sunned itself high up on one of our leafy bushes.This was quickly followed by a handsome male Brimstone that settled nearby but at a lower level.The third species of the day was a Peacock butterfly,again enjoying the sun on one of our paving stones.
Perhaps the best sighting was a Hummingbird Hawk Moth that spent some time nectaring from our primroses.

Thursday 17 March 2016

Old and New.

The weather remains settled with plenty of sunshine.However at Wheelers Bay today that persistent easterly breeze prevented many butterflies from taking to the wing.Still,the warmth of the early afternoon did tempt out a Large White that fluttered past as I sat on a seaside bench.This must be a very early record for this species and it was soon followed by the discovery of a Small Tortoiseshell that had found a bare piece of ground to sun itself.
The Glanville Fritillary caterpillars seem to be progressing well with several large webs.Many caterpillars were out in the sun and hope is that this will be bumper season.


Tuesday 15 March 2016

First Butterflies of the Season.

Although I have already seen a  Red Admiral this year on the 25th February,today was the first time that the butteflies were around in numbers. This morning the sun shone in a cloudless sky and in Walters Copse any trace of the nagging easterly breeze that we have had recently was gone.It was very pleasant along a rides with primroses now in flower.In flower too were the sallows which attracted numerous hoverflies.Visiting the primroses was the odd queen bumblebee and also I noticed a Dark-edged Bee-fly. 
A female Brimstone was my first sighting of the day. I disturbed her enjoying a sunny moment.She took off and disappeared into the trees.It was not long before I came across a Comma and during the course of my wander in the copse I encountered at least three more.Finally,I finished by again disturbing a butterfly which had found a sunny spot,this time a Peacock.