Thursday 18 April 2024

Very Active Green Hairstreaks.

With the first Green Hairstreak recorded at the National Trust Carpark at  the foot of  Afton Down on the 14th,the weather turned for the worse with cool temperatures and a very brisk wind. However today the wind abated and that allowed for a very pleasant and warmer spring day with plenty of sunshine. The butterflies responded and at least two Green Hairstreak were seen at the carpark.


Sunday 14 April 2024

A First Green Hairstreak of the Year.

Several visits have been made to the National Trust Car Park at the foot of Afton Down over the last few days. Today around noon  the first Green Hairstreak was observed flying energetically  over a large spread of Bluebells and  briefly landing on the flowers.It then flew off and could not be located again. However I am sure that it will soon be joined by other individuals.

Stock Photograph

Stock Photograph

Monday 1 April 2024

A Garden Speckled Wood.

Following a night of constant rain,this morning was dry,bright, and mainly sunny.Around lunchtime a first of the season Speckled Wood was seen flying about in search of a sunny spot.It decided to land on a bamboo leaf close to my pond where it stayed to enjoy the warmth.