Wednesday 30 June 2021

More Summer Butterflies on the Wing.

Despite cloudy conditions this afternoon, the warm weather encouraged the butterflies out and new species were to be seen in Bouldnor Forest. In particular, the  Dark Green Fritillary was prominent with at least six individuals. These were seen mainly around a stand of Giant Thistles  and also along a quiet woodland ride packed with flowering plants like clover. In addition  Marbled White and Ringlet are now on the wing and in the company of White Admiral and Large Skipper.

Wednesday 23 June 2021

First Summer Butterfly on the Wing.

In Bouldnor Forest today two first of the season butterflies were recorded. I enjoyed a brief glimpse of a White Admiral as it rested on the upper branches of a small tree before disappearing into the woodland. This was followed by sight of a Gatekeeper. Other species included a courting pair of Common Blue and  mating Meadow Brown butterflies. The latter species is now building in numbers since my first sighting on the 12th June.