Tuesday 27 December 2011

Plain Tiger

The Plain Tiger butterfly is a  powerful and wide-ranging African migrant.Although found along the  European coast of Mediterranean Sea it is mainly seen as a migrant.However breeding populations have become established in some localities,including Greece.The following photographs were taken not in Greece, but on the Red Sea coast at Dahab,Egypt towards the end of December.
Its LHP includes Milkweed and the butterfly can readily be found in coastal gullies close to cultivated areas and gardens.
Only two members of this Danaidae family of butterflies are found in Europe,the other being the Monarch.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Tree Grayling

This rather sombre butterfly is found in most of Southern Europe.It is widespread and common in the Mediterranean region with a flight period from late June to October in one brood.This one was seen on the island of Alonisoss,Greece.