Saturday 13 July 2019

A Good Time for the Skippers.

The summer species are now at their most prolific and the Small Skipper is no exception.The first image below shows a female  while the other photos are of a male.Arguably the best way to tell the Small from the Essex Skipper are the tips of the antennae,rounded and all black for the latter while they are more pointed and mainly brown in the Small Skipper.

Tuesday 2 July 2019

Along Flowery Woodland Rides.

Yesterday in Bouldnor Forest there were times when the rides seemed to come alive with butterflies.Especially so when walking through a mass of wild flowers as summer butterflies flitted all around.Abundant was the Silver-washed Fritillary nectaring on bramble flower, so to White Admiral.In the long grass the Small Skipper is now numerous and Marbled White numbers are increasing rapidly.One or two Gatekeepers are also to be seen with legions of Meadow Brown and Ringlet.
In the forest are Dark-green Fritillary which seem to particularly common this year.Find a giant thistle and it will not be long before this butterfly stops by.