Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Still Glanvilles at Wheelers Bay

A sunny morning was followed by a build up of cloud at midday but the afternoon sun shone through and at Wheelers Bay the butterflies responded.There are still a number of Common Blues and Brown Argus and they were joined today by a fresh looking Painted Lady.
A couple of days ago a Clouded Yellow was reported  from here but I was unable to locate any today.However the Glanville Fritillaries are still out in force,some looking rather old but others fairly pristine.A sign of the lateness of the season this year.In addition I counted four Small Tortoiseshell and a couple of faded Dingy Skippers.
With the prevailing winds now coming from the south-west there will be,I hope.some not so common butterflies flying in.


Adonis Blue now on Bonchurch down.