Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back on Bonchurch Down.

By the time I set foot on Bonchurch Down today the sunny weather of the morning had given way to cloud.However there were still plenty of Adonis Blue to see along the path as they nectared on the downland flowers.Normally in these cloudy conditions many Adonis will have taken to the shelter of the long grass at the base of the Down.
Wall Brown are now also in evidence as I disturbed several that were trying to get some warmth by basking on the path.This particular male pictured below has just flown down from a nearby buddleia bush.There are numerous buddleia plants on the slopes of the Down which are visited by an array of butterflies,including Adonis, Small Tortoiseshell ,and an attractive moth,the Hummingbird Hawk Moth.It is pictured below not too far away at Wheelers Bay feeding on red valerian.
The Meadow Brown can still be seen fluttering over the Down also stopping at flowers to feed.Unfortunately for this individual it chose a  flower that hid a spider.