Wednesday, 30 April 2014

On Bonchurch Down

Owned and managed by the National Trust,Bonchurch Down rises steeply over Bonchurch village and the town of Ventnor.This south facing hillside is home to a good population of the Adonis Blue butterfly as well as several other species.Yesterday on a very warm and sunny afternoon I made my first visit of the season to the Down and was rewarded with a sighting of four Small Copper,a Brown Argus,a Small Heath,a Green Hairstreak,also a Wall Brown together with a Dingy Skipper and three male Orange Tip.
Then a short trip down to Wheelers Bay in Bonchurch in the hope of seeing a Glanville Fritillary.I was not lucky enough to see one but I have it on good authority that a Glanville was spotted today at the Bay.