Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Back to Lefkada.

A favourite Greek Island of mine and a visit at this time of year is perfect to enjoy what Lefkada has to offer in the way of butterflies.
Just three kilometres inland from the coastal town of Nidri is the local waterfall.The waters from the Islands' mountains cascade over this pretty waterfall into a rocky ravine.The base of the fall is easily reached from the approach road  by a donkey track and here in places the sun can penetrate to the floor of the ravine.In these sunny spots butterflies gather to take the salts and moisture and I was pleased to see several species including Wood White,Nettle Tree Butterflies,Ilex Hairstreak,and Southern White Admiral.
However the prize butterfly was a male Iolas Blue,the largest 'blue' in Europe,and as it turns out not a species recorded on Lefkada or indeed any Greek Ionian Island before.So this sighting is now quoted by Butterfly Conservation,European Interests Group on their Facebook page.

A male Iolas Blue