Thursday, 9 June 2016

Villa Garden Visitors.

Although butterfly friendly plants were very limited in the extensive garden of our holiday villa on the Greek Island of Lefkada last week, up to fifteen species were noted either in the garden or passing through it.Fortunately the grounds were sided by olive groves and pasture pens,both with a profusion of wildflowers so there was plenty to interest the butterflies.
The villas vast lawn had patches of clover which attracted Long-tailed Blues and Common Blues while a large fig tree at the front housed a couple of Lattice Browns and Speckled Woods.The former nectared from any damaged half ripe fruits while the Speckled Woods competed for the dappled sunny spots around the base of the tree.A small honeysuckle plant on the porch was favoured by a Southern White Admiral and the magnificent flowering geraniums along the length of the rear veranda were visited by Cleopatra's as well as that Geranium Bronze already mentioned in the previous blog entry.