Sunday, 12 March 2017

Warm Temperatures Bring On the Butterflies.

We enjoyed above average temperatures yesterday on the Island and it was most likely the warmest day of the year so far.Therefore,I was not surprised to see my first butterfly of 2017 sunning itself on the ground in my garden.No doubt this Peacock had just come out of hibernation and was after some nutrition.It soon flew onto a daffodil where it began to nectar.
After lunch I made a short car ride along the coast and visited one of the numerous Chines that are found here to see the state of Glanville Fritillary caterpillar webs that dot the sides of the coastal cliffs.With the sunshine warming up these grassy knolls caterpillars were evident although at this time they are small,only 6mm or so in length.By late April they will have grown considerably and will begin to disperse from their communal webs to find place to pupate.