Sunday, 7 May 2017

Glanville Fritillary Takes to the Air.

Following yesterdays report of the first Glanville Fritillary on the wing in 2017 I made the trip to the south of the Isle of Wight in the hope of seeing this special butterfly.The Island has the only natural habitat for this butterfly in the UK, so it is always an unique event when the Glanville makes its first appearance.
After some searching the one individual was spotted busily feeding on a variety of the many plants that are flowering at this site.The sighting was all too brief as it flew off up the slope and was not seen again. Still,we can look forward to seeing more Glanvilles in the next few days as they emerge on the cliff tops along the Island's south-west coast.
Other species were in the main absent,although it was encouraging to see at least six Common Blue feeding  on the abundant Red Valerian.